• CLEVER  Clever Link

    Each student has a log-on with clever. This is the yellow QR Code that we passed out, or each student can log in with their @students.ocboe.com email address and password. 

    Username example for me if I were a student: kaynjone@students.ocboe.com  First three of first name, middle initial, last four of last name

    **From Clever students will use LEARN ZILLION and TEAMS**



    To support our Reading Curriculum, I will be using TEAMS. Please find this link to TEAMS and login with your school student email address and your password

    7th Lana Davis's Homeroom ELA



    7th Lana Davis's Homeroom SCIENCE



    7th Kevin Jones Homeroom SCIENCE



    8th Kayce Jones's Homeroom SCIENCE




    8th Tracy Malone Homeroom SCIENCE



    Important videos and materials will be added regularly.