• Directions for submitting your application

    Please submit your application as an email attachment. All applications (along with any accompanying documents - resumes, etc.) must be sent via email to the following people:
    1. For all applications EXCEPT substitute teacher send to Diane Terry - dterry@ocboe.com. If you are submitting a substitute teacher application, then please send to Pam Barbour - pbarbour@ocboe.com.
    2. The appropriate supervisor listed in the job posting
    3. The appropriate principal listed in the job posting
    4. Any other district personnel that may be listed in the job posting.

    Please click on the links below to download the appropriate application.
    All of the applications are Microsoft Excel forms. You must download the application, complete the application in its entirety, and then email it as an attachment as indicated in the directions.

    Instructional or Administrative Position

    Support Staff Positions - Non-certified Personnel

    Substitute Teacher

    Substitute Support Staff Positions