How to Distance Learn

  • These are the steps to getting your classwork complete!


    Distance Online Learners

    My class will consist of Reading, English, Vocabulary, AR, and Writing. All parts are essential and must be fulfilled in order to achieve your full potential. 


    Reading- We will be using LearnZillion. You will get to LearnZillion through your CLEVER page. It is already uploaded and ready for you! I will place assignments each day for you to complete. This will be a slideshow with my voice overlay to teach and ask important questions. You need to listen to each slide because I will have questions on them for you to respond.

    • To respond and complete your work you will use your Student Guidebook Handbook to complete any graphic organizers and worksheets.
    • To submit your Reading Logs and answers to my questions, you will type your responses in our Class Notebook on TEAMS. Find the Reading Log tab. Type the questions and the answers. Label each page as the title of the Lesson. 


    Writing- All your written responses should be typed into the your Class Notebook on TEAMS. Find the Writing tab. Remember, I will be grading you on how you are using grammar (spelling and punctuation), RACE method, and content. All Essays will be graded using the TN State Writing Rubrics. You have a copy of this in your writing notebook and here.


    Grammar- I will incorporate some grammar into our Reading Curriculum from LearnZillion as well as using I will place assignments on there for you to complete. I will tell you due date and assignments as assigned in TEAMS


    Vocabulary- Most of our reading vocabulary will be included into the LearnZillion slides; however, I may include additional practices from Quizlet- WordlyWise. When assigned enrichment activities, I will let you know on TEAMS.


    AR Reading- You are still required to read and take AR Tests. To check-out books, go toTeen Book Cloud and Tumble. Then log into your Clever and go to Accelerated Reader to take the AR Tests. Each nine-weeks, you will have a goal of getting 12 points. 


    I will communicate On-line through TEAMS.