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  • "Across the country, states are focused on intervening at the first signs of academic challenges—often called a Response to Intervention (RTI) method—to address deficits in student learning. In Tennessee, we have Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI²), which is Tennessee’s academic three tiered framework for teaching and learning that begins with high-quality, differentiated instruction throughout the day and emphasizes intervening with students when they first start to struggle to avoid prolonged academic difficulties." - About Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI²) in Tennessee (tn.gov)

    TN RTI Information and Updates

    - Click HERE for TN RTI updates and information. 

    RTI Manual

    -The following link contains the most current revisions to the RTI Manual. You may download a pdf copy of the manual and view the manual HERE.

    RTI Implementation Guide

    -This guide builds upon the information found in the RTI manual. It provides examples of guidelines, checklists, and communications.

    You may download a pdf copy of the implementation guide by using the link below. You may also visit the implementation guide website that contains links to various sections of the guide to view specific information - the link is also below. You may also view the guide as a quick reference using the document view window.

    RTI Implementation Guide

    RTI Implementation Guide - TN Department of Education