Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Montgomery (Monty) Breneman

6-12th Band, 9-12th Music History/Theory, 6th grade Music Activity Period

Greetings, everyone!  My name is Monty Breneman and I am the band director and music teacher at South Fulton MS/HS.  Music has been a part of human history going back thousands of years, and in many ways, helps us understand who we are and where we come from.  As part of the music program at South Fulton, or as a student a music class, students will have a chance to learn about, create, and perform music.  Every day brings a new opportunity for students to express themselves, and I look forward to being part of that this school year!

1st – High School Music History/Theory Section 1
2nd - Planning
3rd – 7-8th Grade Band
4th/5th – 6th Grade Music Activity Period
6th/7th – High School Lunch Duty
8th – High School Band
9th – 6th Grade Band
10th – High School Music History/Theory Section 2

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South Fulton Middle/High School
1302 John C. Jones Parkway 
South Fulton, TN 38257

Main Office Phone Number: 731-479-1441
Band Office Phone number: 731-479-3435