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South Fulton High School STEM Tiny Home, Tiny Building, Tiny Structure Construction Program

South Fulton Humble Homes (SFHH) is in it's flag ship year. Students spent an enormous amount of time researching, planning and ordering, and have finall moved into the construction phase of the 1st ever tiny home. We hope that this will be the 1st of many. Check out our Fundraising Event Announcement below, as well as the rest of our website for more detaied information. Thank You for your interest and support.

South Fulton STEM Humble Homes Fundraising Event

On March 25th @6pm in the school library, South Fulton STEM Humble Homes(SFHH) will be conducting a fundraiser and a presentation on the current progress of our tiny home building project. In the past, we received a grant to start the program, however, we are looking to expand the project and create a self-funded cycle for the future. In order to create this scenario, we are looking to procure startup money. To learn more about the Fundraising Event and our Humble Homes Tiny Structure Construction Program click the button below.

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What is SFHH Mission

South Fulton Humble Homes is committed to developing a self-sustained tiny house construction program at South Fulton MHS that will provide lasting benefits for students and the community.

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Tiny Construction - What does the future hold for SFHH?

Although we are just in our 1st year, we are planning for the future. We have created a 5-year plan to help guild our program to success.

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Recognition of Year 1 Supporters

Although there were only a handful, we had support from our local community that helped propel and guide the construction process of our very 1st tiny home.

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