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Farm Day

Obion County Central High School hosted "Farm Day" on 10/18/21. Farm Day offered Obion County Schools the opportunity to come and learn about many different aspects of agriculture and the agricultural business.
4th graders from every Obion County school were invited to cycle through 7 different stations that covered a wide range of topics. Mariah Richardson and Jody Trout of Tosh Farms, the number one pork producer in TN and 25th largest in the country, spoke about pork and pork production. Carly Whipple and Jennifer McWherter, of Tyson Obion County Complex and Obion County Schools Alumni, spoke with kids about chicken production, chicken biosecurity, and their farm-to table efforts with McDonalds. Parks Wells covered "The Super Soybean". Billy Beegle spoke about the lifecycle of bees and honey production. Alma Riddle spoke about cotton and cotton manufacturing. Sarah Frazier, ag teacher at Obion County Central High School, spoke about sheep and the benefits that sheep have to offer, while also getting them excited for what the high school will have to offer them one day!
Students were offered drinks and popcorn to snack with a side of germ-x while they listened to and interacted with the different stations.
Tyson also offered chicken nuggets and chicken sandwiches to staff, students, and visitors helping with Farm Day. Obion County Schools is very thankful in its partnerships with our local businesses.