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South Fulton Middle and High School Highlights

South Fulton Middle and High School has always been a special place, and with the addition of new faculty and staff this year, the school is soaring to new heights. In the current educational climate, where hands-on experiments and real world experiences should be the norm, our small school offers the students many fun and exciting opportunities to be involved. 

Recently our junior high students participated in a “Literary Pumpkin” contest. They were able to choose a book and then use their imaginations to create a pumpkin that best represented the book.

In our high school A&P classes, students are currently dissecting cats. In the lab, students are able to work with tools that would be found in a hospital setting, with appropriate safety gear, to learn correct procedures for dissection.   

The English department presently has students working on biopoems that are being displayed on the walls outside their classrooms.

The physics class has had much hands-on experience building mouse trap cars that bring the textbook knowledge they have obtained into a real world setting.

South Fulton strives to provide a special learning environment and quality education with dedicated educators who are committed to their task.