Goal 2: Provide highly qualified personnel who are passionate about their work.

Objective 1
Recruit, employ, and retain highly qualified employees with proper endorsements and certifications.



  • Partner with universities to enhance student teaching opportunities. 
  • Provide a career book at university-sponsored teacher recruitment career days. 
  • Provide mentoring resources for teachers once they are employed. 
  • Provide financial incentives through stipends and vouchers to expand educational growth.


Objective 2
Provide leadership training and staff development that will enhance teacher/employee performance.



  • Conduct needs assessment at each campus and design staff development based on these results. 
  • Provide continuous technology training through individual and small group training sessions throughout the school district so that teachers may remain current in technological innovations. 
  • Continue the new teacher-mentoring program and extend the mentoring program to include all teachers who are in need of any type of professional development. 
  • Provide and/or create specific professional development opportunities for school leaders, which include but are not limited to the following: school finance, policies and procedures, leadership qualities, leadership responsibilities, and faculty/staff management.


Objective 3
Provide employees with a competitive salary and benefits.



  • Educate county commissioners as to the need and priority of education. 
  • Inform the general public of the need for increased salaries and insurance benefits for personnel. 
  • Develop a long-range plan/goal to increase salary and benefits to standard of all other county employees.


Objective 4
Empower personnel in decision-making processes that affect them and their students.



  • Allow faculty representation on the School Board. 
  • Give more control of curriculum to teachers. 
  • Encourage teacher input in his/her classroom environment (safety, discipline, etc.). 
  • Encourage teacher input in the formulation of school rules and policies.


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