Goal 3: Provide and maintain a safe environment appropriately equipped for maximum learning.

Objective 1
Establish and maintain a safe environment during a time of crisis.



  • Update emergency plan annually. 
  • Communicate the updated plan to school and local personnel. 
  • Practice plans for identified emergencies. 
  • Adequately supply each school with necessary emergency equipment.


Objective 2
Provide safe facilities to maximize teaching and learning opportunities.



  • Maintain all facilities according to state and federal standards and requirements. 
  • Provide, improve, and update existing two-way communications at all sites. 
  • Utilize local, state, and federal resources to secure and monitor daily activities. 
  • Provide electronic monitoring devices on school buses as resources become available. 
  • Continue capital improvement for facilities and transportation.


Objective 3
Provide a fair and impartial system of disciplinary measures that are known by parents, students, and faculty and a chain of command in place for accountability.



  • Provide consistency of implementation with each student treated fairly and equally. 
  • Provide strong preventive measures to educate students and parents on the dangers of drugs, violence, etc. 
  • Designate a conflict resolution manager within each school faculty to help counsel students.


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