Goal 4: Advocate active parental, business, and community involvement in the Obion County School System.

Objective 1
Encourage parents to become active participants in the educational growth of their children.



  • Provide opportunities for parent participation, such as room volunteers, AR family reading night, classroom tutoring, and chaperoning. 
  • Align activities with parent schedules, such as parent/teacher conferences and registration. 
  • Provide technology classes for parents, such as word processing and surfing the Internet. 
  • Provide classes for parents of preschoolers to adolescents. 
  • Create task forces and committees involving parents, such as SACS and school improvement committees. 
  • Provide websites and web pages for parental use through links from www.obioncountyschools.com.


Objective 2
Continue Partners in Education (PIE) Program and broaden relationship between schools and business/industry.



  • Encourage “exchange” visits of business and professional people to schools and student-teacher groups to businesses and plants. 
  • Celebrate and increase awareness of individual school’s accomplishments with community and businesses. 
  • Develop and distribute news releases, features, and other information on a timely, regular basis. 
  • Develop activities at each school that will involve its Partners in Education (PIE), such as conducting information forums and offering facilities for training.


Objective 3
Utilize and expand community involvement.



  • Revise and update Obion County Schools’ pamphlets, brochures, and website. 
  • Provide tutoring opportunities. 
  • Provide mentoring opportunities. 
  • Improve public relations.


Objective 4
Inform the public of our five-year plan.



  • Budget and/or solicit funds for advertising. 
  • Budget and/or solicit funds for publications.


Objective 5
Increase information to the public through ongoing communication.



  • Develop and distribute news releases, features, and other information on a regular basis. 
  • Encourage principals to broaden open houses and other programs that promote public visitation in their schools.


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