Goal 5: Promote the development of responsible citizens.

Objective 1
Instill positive character traits in all students.



  • Promote the Character Counts program as the K-12 character education curriculum by ensuring K-8 students receive Character Counts instruction from a counselor a minimum of twice each month and by allotting time each week for all 9-12 students to receive Character Counts instruction. 
  • Select and purchase instructional materials needed to support the Character Counts curriculum. 
  • Provide professional development enabling staff to integrate core ethical values into their curriculum. 
  • Continue implementation of the “No Bullying” program. 
  • Utilize “No Bullying” tapes in K-8 guidance classes and in ninth grade wellness classes.


Objective 2
Promote community service.



  • Build Habitat for Humanity House in conjunction with the carpentry class at the Career Technology Center. 
  • Encourage participation in volunteer programs, such as the Obion County Sheriff’s Department Toy Drive at Christmas, the Reelfoot Rural Ministry’s Food Drive, after-school program volunteers, nursing home visitation, Agape House, Safe House (for abused and battered women and children).


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