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  • COVID-19 Updates for Families and Staff of Obion County Schools
    Updated October 19, 2020

    Obion County Schools will continue distance learning on Fridays for all students UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Those students who are currently participating in regular in-person classes will continue to have in-person classes Monday through Thursday with distance learning on Fridays. Those students participating in full-time distance learning will continue to have daily assignments available online or through paper packets. Packets will still be available for pickup and drop off on Mondays. No new students will be allowed to enroll in full-time distance learning without a doctor’s statement or without a quarantine order from the Department of Health or School.

    School Meals Update

    The USDA has extended the waivers that allow us to offer meals at no charge to children under the age of 18 regardless of their enrollment in Obion County Schools. Therefore, we will continue to offer both breakfast and lunch at no charge to all children in Obion County who are 18 years old and younger through the end of the 2020-2021 school year.
    Students who are enrolled in our system as distance learners, as well as children through the age of 18 in the county who are not enrolled in Obion County Schools can pick up meals daily at any school between 12:00 and 12:30. 
    Children must be present at pick up to receive the meals.
    Students who are ‘in person learners’ in our schools will also receive meals at no cost.

    Click HERE to view Microsoft Teams Training for Parents.
    Click HERE to view the phases of our reopening plans.
    Click HERE to read COVID-19 guidance for parents, staff and students.

    State of TN COVID-19 Case Response Rubric
    State of TN Family Resource Guide
    Please visit our COVID-19 Information Page for more resources.
    Please CLICK HERE for the latest guidance from the CDC.

    We are currently in Phase 2-Moderate Spread of our reopening plan.
    The following is what Phase 2 - Moderate Spread means for our schools:
    Academic Classes
    *PreK-8: Traditional classes with limited interaction as students will stay in their homeroom classroom with assigned seating all day, while teachers rotate classrooms to provide instruction.
    *9-12: Students will rotate to different classes and have assigned seating.
    *PreK-12: Distance learning through online instruction and/or teacher-prepared materials upon parental request.

    Disinfection and Sanitation
    *Clean/disinfect frequently touched surfaces as well as shared objects to the greatest extent possible.
    *Everyone use hand sanitizer/wash hands to the greatest extent possible.

    Face Masks
    **It is required that all staff and students wear a mask or face shield when social distancing is not possible or when instructed to do so by school staff or administration.
    **Students or staff with medical conditions that prevent the wearing of a mask or face shield will need to notify their principal and provide any requested documentation.

    Serving Meals
    *PreK-12: Serve meals in the cafeteria or in classrooms with assigned seating and the utilization of auxiliary spaces if available
    *Students participating in distance learning may make arrangements for meal pick-up at their school.

    Temperature Screenings and Symptoms
    *Screen students and staff when they enter the building.
    *Send student/staff home if temperature is 100.4°F+
    *Student/staff temperature 99.5°- 100.3° will be further evaluated by the school nurse.
    *Students/staff exhibiting symptoms will be isolated from other students and staff.

    *Run buses at 100% capacity
    *Assigned seating
    *Mask or face shield will be required.
    *It is recommended that parents bring students to school if possible.


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  • Tennessee Department of Health
    Coronavirus Information for Parents

    The TN Department of Health has provided a coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document for parents. You may access this document HERE. They department has also created a hotline number available daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. at 1-877-857-2945.

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  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
    Coronavirus Information

    The following links provide information regarding the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). The links will take you to the Centers of Disease Control website. The links are available in English and Español.



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